The Sleeping Gods


“You’re going to learn a thing or two about space-time. Probably more than you ever wanted to know.”

Humanity has tamed the worlds of Sol and taken the first, tentative steps to the stars. It’s an age of peace and prosperity.

For most.

In a country long since abandoned to its own devices, Inspector Layton Trent is investigating the massacre of fifteen people when an event occurs in Jupiter space.

The sparsely populated moon, Io, is destroyed in a terrorist attack. Hundreds are dead in the cataclysmic explosion. Thousands are refugees as the shattered remnants of the moon threaten the Jupiter Alliance. Billions throughout the Solar System are wondering, Where next?

Those responsible must be found and brought to justice.

The explorer ship, Erebus, is reassigned from its mission and sent to Jupiter to investigate this atrocity with Trent’s international team onboard.

Their enemy is lethal, elusive, with access to vast resources and advanced technology.

So begins a hunt across space and time that will take Trent from the burning deserts of Africa to the cosmopolitan space cities of the Jupiter Alliance. From the heart of civilization to the very frontiers of human space and far beyond.
And what Trent discovers, out among the ancient relics of the alien Sleeping Gods, will change humanity’s place in the universe forever.

Erebus: A Sleeping Gods novel from the author of Endeavour.