The Locus Series


Beyond the apocalypse, humanity’s future will be decided.

It’s been three months since the cruise ship M/S Atlantica arrived in a hostile new world.

The survivors dream of building a home, but just as their hopes rise, they learn the true cost of saving thousands of people from catastrophe.

Conrad Wakefield, the architect of the Locus project, killed billions.

Fleeing, Wakefield unleashes the full fury of the advanced weaponry of his ship, the Osiris, leaving a trail of death and destruction. Commander Heather Slater and her battle-damaged destroyer, the USS Paul Ignatius, relentlessly pursue, hungry for revenge.

But two stowaways hide aboard Osiris. Marine Jack Cohen and Karl Grayson, a CIA assassin, have more in common than they care to admit. They must use every skill they have to evade Wakefield’s elite mercenaries and bring him to justice. As they explore the secrets of Osiris, they discover the fate of this new Earth depends on whether the mysterious artificial intelligence aboard truly has humanity’s best interests at heart.

When the last battle comes, they will have to decide who, and what, to trust.